Анализ продвижения сайта фото

Commercial Proposal To Advance The Website

Celebrity and entertainment agency is looking for a friendly and creative customer management team.
- Experience with successful negotiations;
- High performance, stress, optimism;
- punctuality,
- goodwill,
- Activity,
- excellent PK possession (ofis, postal customers, Internet)
- The ability to write positions in social groups;
literate oral and written speech (mandatory),
- integrity, decency.
- A desire to work for results, perseverance in achieving goals;
(1) Receiving calls, consulting on goods and services;
(2) Personal negotiations, meetings with active and potential clients;
(3) Calculation of the cost of the event, contracting, presentation of commercial proposals;
(4) Formulation, promotion, management of social media groups;
(5) Management of the site;
(6) Monitoring and coordination of activities.
(7) Engagement with party organizers, partners.
(1) Work schedule from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. with lunch breaks;
(2) Possibility of professional development and career development in a dynamic developing company;
(3) A unique opportunity to work in a positive atmosphere, a holiday;
(4) Work in a comfortable and comfortable office.
P.S. Dear searchers! Please don't forget that often the holiday agencies may not have a normal working day. We work when everyone rests)
Telephone for interview 56-09-80
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