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The search for the sites of Moscow and the regions of Russia has already become a conscious necessity. Internet competition is only increasing. Now it's not enough to think about the original structure, interesting design, take care of a useful, unique content. It is necessary to show itself to potential readers, users and buyers on the Internet. That's what SEO needs to do with the site in Russia. At times, tangible results come not immediately, but timelines are slowing down, but in a professional approach, you will necessarily take a high place in searching for extradition, go to the Yandex and Google PTS, and then you will feel the expected impact of increasing attendance, increasing the number of applications and applications, increasing sales.

What's a SEO-promotion like that?

Under search site The system refers to a set of measures aimed at increasing its knowledge and performance on the Internet through the issuance of advanced requests in the TOP.

The site ' s spread can be common - throughout Russia and regional - for individual cities and regions of the country. Regional advancement is understood to be the same in leading search systems, but not for the whole country, but only for a particular region. It is perfect for an Internet business that is not ready to go to the national level and wants to compete in its own city and/or area. The main advantage of regional distribution is the lack of competition with stronger capital or Russian-wide web resources, which are willing to pay far-reaching SEO tariffs.

In Yandex, the regional section of the site in Russia is quite simple, indicating the region in the Webmaster, adding the map and address of the company, and optimizing the headings under the right city, you are practically addressing the issue of geographically needed extradition. In Google, regional advancement relies on the geographical principle of establishing a " key + region " request.

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