Внутренняя оптимизация сайта

Optimization Of The Site

внешняя оптимизация сайта - наращивание ссылочной массыSo, the internal optimization work is over, and it's time to start. external optimization♪ The external optimization consists of searching, thematic catalogues, reference exchanges and other services to increase the external reference mass.

That's all. We need to move the website. the number and quality of references that lead to resources is of great importance. The success of the move depends on the right work to build the reference mass on the resource to be advanced, the location of the site on the first page of the search systems, upon request.

It is known that search systems determine the matching of search demand, which is called relevance. In order to determine this most relevant relevance, search robot analyses the contents of the page: text, density and weight of keys, the currents in which they are other indicators. Fortunately, almost all of these parameters are available to the resource owner.

But unfortunately, competition for high positions is extremely high and only the text content of the search engine is not sufficient. This is justified by the fact that too many pages are optimized for popular queries and the search system simply cannot make an objective choice. Therefore, each search engine has its own algorithm to calculate the importance of the site as a whole and every single page.

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