Тело статьи

Distribution Of The Article Website

Продвижение сайта статьями- Installation of articles with direct reference to an advanced project from external sites (usually trust sites)

References that are placed inside the article are referred to as contextual. They should have enquiries in accordance with your request, and spaces should be close to your site. Now let's talk about the article move in more detail and consider what articles to buy, where to buy and why it works.

2. Why is article advancement working?

Contextual references appear to be natural references, as they are located inside the content, not in a block below the site or in a Sidebar. These references will include real users. Therefore, searchers usually accept such references as natural. If the budget is unlimited, it's better. Advance the site only by articles.

The high cost of the article is due to the need to buy it (e.g., on the content/copierting exchange) and the quality of the article is very expensive. Specifically, it's an average of 300.500 roubles per good article of 2,000.5,000 symbols.

It's better to make a story on trust sites, and it's not cheap. The approximate cost of hosting such sites starts from 500.1,000 roubles per article, but the effect of this is excellent and almost imprecise (although it is not necessary to speak recently). Total: a minimum of 800 roubles (mostly about 1,500..2,500 roubles) should be paid for the emplacement of one eternal quality article. Many optimists have a monthly budget of only 10,000. So there's only four to six good articles.

3.1. Not to create a reference explosion

I do not recommend that many articles be placed on short notice, since searchers may suspect that the articles are sold. It would be better to place not more than one person per day or to place one article in a few days. Create a natural picture of increasing references.

3.2. Choose trust areas

Disclosure articles only on trust sites close to your subject. I don't buy articles on the sites if:

  • PR is less than page 4;
  • Under 3 years of age;
  • The site deals with the sale of references in automated reference exchanges (SAPE, etc.);
  • Attendance less than 500;
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