Белое продвижение сайтов

White Progress On The Website

  1. Marketing research, site competitiveness analysis, specific features (noise) to advance the site. Answer the following questions:
    • Which type is the site ' s semantic core. Whether it has high-frequency, medium-frequency or low-frequency requests. What is the temperature of these requests and their level of competition.
    • What type of audience would be on the site, whether the audience shared links, discussed social media content.
  2. Selection of directions:
    • Reference
    • Social networking
    • Content development
    • Optimization of the site
  3. We're auditing the website's popularity, analysing:
  4. Make reference:
    • We participate in discussions on the website and make references to our website in discussions.
    • We have articles with links to our site on popular portals that permit the publication of side authors.
  5. Let's move the website on social media:
    • Profile links social networks with website And we're starting to publish the mothers there. We also publish in communities and refer to the website.
    • We participate in discussions, leave comments in groups, blogs and communities.
    • We're in the services of answering questions and we're referring to the website.
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