Контекстная реклама

Context Promotion

Internet Context: These precious words

The contextual advertising on the Internet tends to understand text announcements issued to the user in response to a search request. For the sake of fairness, it must be noted that contextual banners also exist but are used much less than conventional text announcements. Context advertising is applicable to any business, including medium, small and even very small. Context is everywhere, and can help make an ad for the cafeteria across the street from your house or for a large wholesal firm that sells baby food for a financial broker that offers sophisticated investment products and for many others.

When is the context preferable? (Efficient contextual advertising: where context is better to search for optimization)

When you choose between context advertising and promotion of the site through search engines, it is important first to identify with the general strategy of turnout and to focus on what is potentially the greatest benefit. Both methods are most often recommended to achieve better results. But there are nuances that should be known.

Context advertising - Progress engine (Internet Context Advertisement: Work Rules and Performance Assessment)

What's the context, and what he's eating with, all the markers have known it for a long time. However, few people are aware of the factors that make contextual advertising successful on the Internet. It was so successful that there was a positive financial result (reducing sales and other), and it was not necessary to write acquittal reports to the management, to produce illusory benefits, justifying hundreds of thousands of roubles.

The context advertising service is a good online bill for webmasters.

Any Internet user saw a context commercial, not once. It is not surprising that half (if not more) of all Internet resources, in some form, use the context advertising services to promote goods and services.

Competitive advantages of tiger advertisements in front of context advertising on the Internet

Web owners and Internet-based markers often break their head over what format online relativity to choose: contextual ads for directors, tiger, banner advertising or something. The criteria are almost identical - maximum impact with minimum budget. Context advertising on the Internet is one of the most popular formats (more than 50 per cent of the total market), but this format, alas, is incomprehensible, like the rest of the world.

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