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Optimization Of The Online Site

Integrated audit -
Explosion of the website

This audit should be chosen if you want to know all the shortcomings of your website. We're studying every web page. Check the " selling " elements, accessibility of information, ease of booking and other indicators. As a result, you receive an illustrative account of the shortcomings of the 20-page site.
The average audit price is 30,000 roubles.

Audit for a present!

When we enter your TravelLine reservation module, we conduct a basic audit free of charge. The audit + the booking module on the website is a strong increase in online sales. You get a double effect without spending money. Start a baseline audit or an audit link and a booking module to improve the return of your website.

More armor from your website!

To date, TravelLine specialists have studied more than 2,500 Russian and western sites. By ordering us to audit, you have access to this richest knowledge and experience. The result is a set of simple recommendations that you're making up your online sales. Send an application for audit now to increase the number of armoured vehicles. its website

Important aspects analysed

  • Navigational convenience;
  • Sale elements;
  • Completeness of the location description;
  • Conformity of the business objectives site;
  • Visitors ' expectations;
  • user-friendly;
  • SEO recommendations;
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