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How To Advance The Site In Search Systems

2. Dynamic factors. This category includes the " request-trade " factors. For example, the number of requests in the content of the page, the location of requests in the text.

3. Demand factors. These factors take into account the characteristics of the request itself. For example, geodependence or commerciality.

What do you need to do on the website?

The optimists differ in a number of factors affecting the location of the site on a location in search of extradition. ♪ move the site These factors need to be carefully addressed.

1. The technical profile of the site. The factors in this category have a direct impact on the site indexing process. For example, website CMS, correct page code, correct page responses.

2. Texting. These include all factors that affect the relevance of the page ' s content. For example, the density of key words in the text and their location, the formatting of the text.

3. Reference. This category includes factors that take into account the influence of references (both external and internal). It influences not only the number of references and the text of the ancóres, but their quality. For example, whether the subject of the donor website corresponds to the subject of the acceptor.

4. Behaviour. This category of factors evaluates user behaviour on the website. For example, time of stay and depth.

5. Additional factors. Conformity of the user region of the site, availability of affiliates, etc.

6. Social factors. This category takes into account reposts, tracks, trawls and many other things. This group of factors should not be confused with behaviour. If the latter take account of user behaviour on the website itself, social factors are different user activity in social networks, showing their relevance to your website, company and content. One of the most powerful factors is the transition from social media. Since when the website is used, users are guided by the reality of other users (lights, reposts) who have recognized the site as interesting.

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