рейтинг сборных женских команд

Soccer Catalogue

I'm selling a website in the Yandex News.

  • The topic is the Football News. All championships, prefabricated, Eurocubs, etc.
  • Indication - 6,500+ pages in I and 6,000+ in G.
  • WP's jig, paid, relayed template.
  • Saitou and Home (.ru)-5, extended until April 2017.
  • Online transmission at webnames.
  • Site is also in Novotok and Cataloge Mila.
  • TIC 20, no support.

Web site situation:
I don't publish a lot of news, and I don't have all the links. If the site is to be fully operational, it needs to be cleaned up, published daily news and developed in other directions, which unfortunately I have no time or special desire. ♪ ♪
  • Make the website adaptive.
  • Start groups, publishes and build a crossspring.
  • publish daily news and make references.
  • It's good to build adsens, add tysers / proposals from partner matches.
  • There's no ad in the Sidebars, and it's all on website 2 of the Adsence texts.
  • You can hire a manager's content to publish the news and make references.

Depends on the news posted, for example, about 10 news were posted on the weekends, 770 (b) and 550 (s) hosts.
If there's no news, 100-150 hosts a day.
Most visitors from Yandex.

Adsens ~ $10 (depending on news). Tonight, from 1 to 25 April to $9.25.
Eternal references are gl, ml, p.sap ~ 2k in April.
In pr.sape, requests from SeoWizard come all the time.
Requisitions for the withdrawal of references are often received.

There are about 3,000 links on the site.
Over the past year, there are:
About 40 references to gl.
About 120 references in pr.sape.
Most of the references were posted a few years ago, so now the reference is just dropping. Over the past year, less than 200 references were made.

Almost all the content is unique, there were many author, big articles, reviews, etc.

I'll tell the buyer what to focus on what news is most of the traffic, how/when to publish it, etc. I'll share my experience.
I'll get people's contacts (and TZs for them) who write about football, on the exchange, and they're 15 to 20 for a thousand signs.

The site may be particularly interesting in front of the European championship in France, and then before (in time) the Confederation Cup, which will be held in 2017 in Russia, and of course before and during the World Championship in Russia.
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