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We Need To Move The Website

The situation is... Complicated and sad, and very need your help.

There's a man like this, Vitaly Timofev.

Seošnik, our colleague. I've been talking to Vitaly for over two years, and I've known enough the nuances of his life and history and confirm everything in person.

Took a long time. website promotionI've been doing websites for rented references, but then the sites have stopped, and because of the unstoppable fighting in his right hand, which he hasn't been on his elbow for 20 years, he can't work now. I had to sell all the sites, the last food or the dol.

The problem is, there's nothing to live on, there's nothing to be treated for, and the point is, there's nothing to keep two kids, the youngest 12 years old.

The situation is terrible. And I'm really asking you to help.

Vitalia's daughter has now grown, but she's incurable, her condition is constantly deteriorating and requires material and medical assistance.

Here are the relevant requisitions you can help Vitaly right now:

vitaliy-1there are profiles in social media, in Searchengines.guru and so forth.

I sent out about a week ago and I managed to collect some 25,000 rubles. Almost all of them were spent on an operation in St. Petersburg. This is one of the medical records for 15,000 (he sent me a lot of backgrounds over this period - I'm not asking for a report, but he always reports, I've been trying to help Vitalia for about two years).

He also had a fractured hand in his elbow, and he'd lived long with matches and wires, and he was even more painful. It looked like this. I'm in surgery now. He did it where she could be fine, but it's not in the field, but in St Petersburg, money went to surgery, analysis, road, residence. There's no money left.

It's the right hand. Now (in December 2015), it has been pulled out of matches and wires, and Vitalia hopes that it will be easier to live. But the pain is still untolerable, Vitaly lives on strong pills and can't work.

We have a new year, Christmas is a nice family holiday, and a man, our colleague, has a terrible situation. He can't even work now physically to change things, but he really wants to! He doesn't have anyone to hope for.

I'm asking you again to help, and if there's a way to help you regularly. Don't walk past me, don't let go, Vitalia has a chance to change the situation, he wants to be able to work again.

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