растет посещаемость сайтов

Web Site Visits

You finally have your own website. Great, congratulations! The next important task is to make it a resource that is visited and popular. To do that, you're gonna have to do the most exploratory optimization we don't want to recall. A lot of people think it's hard, but there's nothing wrong between us, Vicks.

In no case do we promise that immediately after reading this article, your site will be magically located in the first place in the search, but its position will be markedly higher over time. So let's not waste time and start! Especially not more than an hour.

Pick up a good home name.

Before printing Internet siteYou're gonna have to come up with a sound and memorable home name. We're the one who hires in the address line of the browser when we want to go to some site. The home name can be compared to the beast because, first of all, potential clients see it. Not only are they, but also search systems: they also look at your site and decide what place to give it.

We recall that a good home name is usually the name of a company or brand (or name) combined with a typical key word for your sphere of activity.

Write the headings for each page

And not only the headings, but the descriptions. Don't you see what this is about? Bring the mouse to any open browser deposit. You see the text? It's a page title. I can't see the descriptions, but it's there, and you need it, too.

Headlines and page descriptions are small texts explaining the essence of your business. The specimens are responding to them, so if these texts contain key words and phrases, great. By the way, people read descriptions, too, when they see the link to the site on the search results and they think they're going through it or not. All those who want to deal with the titles more carefully are advised to read this post.

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