как продвинуть свой сайт в

How To Move Your Website

First of all, Consider your website as a project.
Its optimization needs to be clearly planned, comprehensively, like any project. And regular, not uniform.

This ensures the maximum impact of your efforts to promotion of the site systems.

Consider the main points of the site optimization plan.

Implementation of these recommendations Guarantee a successful site set.

Как раскрутить сайт - пошаговый план

Determine the target.

It is very important to understand the final goals you want to achieve through the website.

We're writing out all the targets (it's important to move the minds to the outside, paper, laptop, planchette, etc.)

These may also be several goals, such as product sales, the collection of subscriptions and the enhancement of brand recognition.

It's important to write them all out.

Target audience

Describe your perfect target audience.

Where these people live, what language they say, what their sex and age are. For what reasons are they looking for information on their concerns? What do they want, what kind of trouble do they want to solve when they drop a search request? This, when people need information, should be on the front page of your website.

Our goal is not to put as much traffic on the site as possible. The people who have come must get what they need on your resource. If they felt from the front page, that's what I've been looking for, that's good, they're gonna keep studying your website and probably become your clients. If that doesn't happen, it's gonna be a lot of trouble to unlock the site.

Selection of search phrases

Write out all thoughtful and inconceivable requests for which your goods, services or information may be sought by users. For this purpose, use the brainstorm, just put on a list of suitable options. Then analyze the competition websites to understand the phrases they use. Get them on your list. You'll also be assisted by the service and the verbal programs,

Keep the phrases that have been found on priority.

Clearly subjective and based on statistics, we need to assess the value of a phrase for your business.

Separate the most important, seize the trash that is practically useless. Usually, at this stage, we take 80 per cent of the lower priority phrases to the best time.

Monitoring website and competitiveness

Give me a list of the main competition sites. With special services once a week, two or a month, but necessarily regular, it is necessary to check the status of the site ' s issuance by major groups of key phrases.

If you see a subpoena on some phrase, do more work on optimizing the site to the right groups.

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