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Google The Site On Its Own

Задаем начальные ключевые слова, которые относятся к вашему бизнесу. Например, возьмем сайт мебельной тематики и внесем ключевые слова: мебель, детская мебель, стулья, столы, диваны, кровати.To move the site successfully into search systems, a number of internal site optimization, keyword selection and links to the site need to be implemented.

Let's start by order. In order to unlock the site on its own, it is necessary to identify niche queries (key phrases, site semantic nucleus, nucleus of requests) for users to access your site.

In each subject, the number of key words may vary. Based on user demand statistics for search systems, several types of key phrases are identified.

  1. High frequency♪ Users seek information with these phrases most frequently. These are mostly one-word and two-word requests. For example, wells, " household equipment " .
  2. Average frequency They're looking for less users. In general, the addition of 1-2 words to a high-frequency request is formed if the results of the high-frequency search system did not satisfy the user. For example, " Whirlpool prices " or " commercial equipment to buy Kiev " .
  3. Low frequency Users are rarely requested. But that makes a lion's share of the search engine. For example, the Electrolux ENB 35405S refrigerator.

В полученной таблице необходимо отсортировать данные по количеству поисков в месяц. Для этого используем колонку «Приблизительное среднее количество запросов».The most effective way to advance all key words to maximize the flow on the site.

Now let's see how to get the key words right.

  1. Utilize statistics from the " Keyword Tool " provided by Google or from the " Yandex Toolkit " . We'll take the first tool to illustrate.
  2. We need to choose a region where your potential clients are located. To this end, the country is chosen: Ukraine; the languages: Russian and Ukrainian (fired with the key).
  3. The key words should then be distributed by meaning and semantic groups. In this case, keyword groups will be drawn up: furniture, beds, tables, couches.
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