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Rossy Site Visits

imageI've been counting for a daily audience.
Sources: , top. , top100., google top 1,000, alexa, tns.

I also want to report the incorrectness of the Alexa rating-- it takes into account not only the visitors who went through, for example, the Yandex and its portals, but also all the searches of his informationers. It's not just about Yandex. Many leaders of this rating have their informants.
This explains the presence of such sites as [44th place] and cy-pr.com [50th place] at the top of Alexa, which do not exceed 300,000 persons per day but are popular.
Google Top 1,000 is closer to the truth, but it doesn't give a full picture of the reality.

File exchangers, black service, etc. are excluded from the rating.
Why? According to the same Google Top 1,000, the 12th. Visits website in the runway, but it doesn't take into account what we don't visit. The websites built on this platform are being visited.

I also took the liberty of deleting those news sites that use greedy tysers with yellow news to exchange traffic between themselves. It's an artificial trawl and a disgrace.

By creating this rating, I've operated exclusively by open sources.

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