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Optimization Of The Web Site

The promotion of the site is one of the most costly and efficient ways to expand the client base.

SEO (Angl. search engine optimization) is a set of actions aimed at improving the visibility and visibility of the site ' s position in the results of Internet search engines on certain user requests.

The main features of search optimization are the customers ' confidence in sites located at the top of natural requisitions. According to the statistics, people are more hunting for such resources. Considering them more authoritative than, for example, sponsorship sites (context advertising). That certainly doesn't mean that context advertising needs to be abandoned. Conversely, the integration of the SEO search optimization of the web site and contextual advertisingthat's the most effective. This has to do with a number of advantages: the possibility of self-identifying the name and description of the site, pointing out the target page to which the user will follow the click, as well as the temporary and regional staging.

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