продвижение web сайтов

Promotion Of Web Sites

продвижение веб сайтовYour purpose is to increase the profitability of your Internet project or to visit your website, to create a good image of the company or to increase the visibility of the search site. This is achieved through activities to promote websites.

The development of the website is the first task that the resource owner has to face since its inception. The website should bring money, and it's possible only when the resource is visited. To date, there are a number of methods that can increase the web site ' s attendance, i.e. to promote the web siteInternet site♪ In general terms, there is a difference in search and non-definition.

Non-detective advancement:

  • Internet advertisements - development, planning, advertising in the Yandex systems. Director, Google AdWords, Begun.

    The Yandex report. Director, we're a commercial partner in Yandex.

    Advertising campaigns in the Bogun system-- we're an accredited Bagoon dealer.

    Google AdWords publicity campaigns.

  • Development and implementation of unique, site-specific activities.
  • Development of special modules for your website.
  • Establishment and implementation of thematic mailings related to the goods and services of the site.
  • Creating a unique content for the site.
  • Creating satellite sites.
  • Full multi-stage marketing campaigns on the Internet, etc.


In search

Web sites

which understands the visibility of the site in the search engine index, we suggest:
  • Audit of the existing site.
  • Writing texts for the site is unique, optimized to company requests.
  • Optimization of website software codes.
  • Exchange of references, catalogue registration, etc.

To determine exactly what progress the website is for your company, we are undertaking a detailed analysis of the current status of your resource and the state of competitiveness. Only then is we developing a strategy to move the website. The price can only be expressed when the target is perfectly clear.

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