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Web Site Mapping

Definition of SEO. What does " move and search for websites " mean?
The concept of SEO emerged in the 1990s. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, namely optimization for search systems. At the same time, the same abbreviation applies to people who practice this “work”.
What's a search optimization?
At the beginning of the Internet, when there was a total number of " few " sites (in fact, several million, compared with more than twenty billion currently estimated), search systems that were not complex were also in place - they had sufficiently well indexed the content of the Internet and were the starting point of navigation, thus providing an important source of traffic on sites. At the same time, the experts were aware of the need to deliberately control the process of increasing the visibility of search systems, and this created a new science: SEO, the optimization of search systems, which aims to increase the quality of traffic on sites.
This relatively new industry of " industry " means a certain set of operations carried out by the promotion team aimed at Promotion of the site to a higher number of search results in certain key words or phrases that are interesting and relevant in terms of the relevant sphere of business.
This is achieved through the monitoring and improvement of the " location of objects in order of their significance " , that is, the factors that, taken together and analysed by the search algorithm, lead to a better position on the searchable pages. Based on these criteria, SEO may be two types:
Internal optimization (optimization of the website) - promotion measures are applied directly to the site and can largely be changed only by the SEO team. Examples include: careful writing of names and descriptions, removal of errors, improved loading speed, image processing, optimization of URL addresses and internal references, and moderate use of advertisements. In other words, better impressions (tests) received by visitors.
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