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Web Site Spread On Its Own

The overview article on the site ' s design had already dealt with how to set up its site, but the process had been described only in the most general terms. This will be a detailed account of all aspects of the site ' s construction, starting from the first stage.

Detailed guidance

The main purpose of the exercise is to increase the flow of visitors to their site. This can be achieved in different ways. The main focus of the exercise, however, is the search optimization of the use of search engines. We will therefore begin with a statement on how to move our site into search systems, and other methods and ways of opening up will be described in the final parts.

Search systems are one of the foundations of the modern Internet. People come to search sites when they need to find some information. Consequently, and the lion ' s share of traffic (i.e. visitors) comes to sites from search systems.

In order to increase the flow of searchers, site owners and optimizers specially engaged in search engines, users are attempting to see the link to the site as much as possible in the retrieval of search systems on certain requests. For most requests, the search system produces thousands and even millions of results. However, most users rarely see search results beyond the first to second page. Therefore, the main task of searching for optimization is to improve the site ' s position in extradition, and ideally to ensure that the site is at the very first place. So, we'll look into everything that's relevant to searching for retaliation.

1.1 Semantic nucleus

Creating a semantic nucleus is, in fact, the first stage of the site ' s opening, if it is related to development of the site in search systems♪ Ideally, we need a semantic core before you create a site. By making mistakes in semantics. ♪ ♪

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