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How To Learn How To Visit Your Website

Как проанализировать посещаемость своего сайтаGood afternoon, esteemed readers! I've been writing a lot lately about how to get a search tray for my blog. That's what my blog posts were talking about, a free book was created, and for that reason a special practical case was held. But in order to obtain concrete positive results in progress, very important action is needed throughout the process. And today we'll talk about how to be informed of attendance on the websiteyou will receive a full practical guide to the analysis of resource attendance statistics. I smashed this material into two parts and today is your first.

Web site visitation services

Any process, task, various human activities can always be assessed by intermediate data. This data is used for various parameters showing the status of completion and success to date.Оценка посещаемости сайта по параметру посещения The search for the blog is not an exception; it also needs to analyse the different characteristics of its attendance.

To this end, there is a special section of prospecting marketing, which is called a web analyst. With a package of measures, all possible data can be obtained at any time and analysed in depth. As tools to collect and identify this information, I use different services in my work.

First of all, I'm talking about a set of tools and reports. Google Analytics♪ To date, this is the most modern and perfect service to collect and evaluate all possible features of the site. He's a little off the line, but he has a more friendly and understandable user interface, analytic service. Metrick's Index♪ With these packages, I'll show you the most important parameters of attendance that you need to know when you move your website.

Web attendance statistics

So, in order to properly assess the site ' s attendance, it is necessary to periodically review and analyse a number of metrics and measurements. To that end, we must collect data on the parameters we need. Next, you'll see their list, where the first word on the list is the name of the Google Analytics, and in the brackets, in Yandex Metrick:

  • visits ( audits);
  • page views (reviews);
  • Average duration of visit (time on site);
  • unique visitors (consignors);
  • The mean depth of the view (detection depth);
  • Default indicator (nosis);
  • New visits (new).
Основные метрики для оценки и анализа посещаемости в Google Analytics Как оценить посещаемость сайта по показателю просмотра страниц Оценка посещаемости моего сайта по показателю новые посещения Анализ посещаемости моего сайта по показателю новые посещения
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