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How To Learn How To Visit The Competition Website

How do you figure it's time to do the edizine?

Indicators website statistics falling

The main indicator that the site needs to be refined is the downward trend in website statistics. Of course, there may be other reasons for this symptom (e.g. your product does not meet market requirements). But if these causes are removed (or nivelated), the steady decline in conversion, sales, interactions and common user activity indicates that the current design has survived. Many link this to the " prevention " of users with old design. But in fact, it's an indicator that you lost contact with your audience. If you want the Rediseine to solve this problem, analyze the actions of the visitors, and look where the design sequence is missing. And then you'll take care of these shortcomings first.

Metrics are the most important indicator

The degree of change in design may be limited: adjustment of conversion sequence or optimization of activity associated with product. It is not necessary to completely change the image of a product formed for an external audience. Many webmasters emphasize the effect of the change and the rediscovery force, which is engendered by the increased attendance of the project.

Your users say it's time.

Web statistics are the most obvious indicator that instantly makes you realize something's wrong. But to understand what's wrong, you'll have to talk to your buyers.

The survey is a good tool for that purpose, but the skirt test is much more effective. If you have a blog on wordpress, the vote will help with the wp-polls. The gradual development of a dialogue in private relations allows you to analyse the dynamic interaction of the audience with the site. It's not possible in a routine interview. If, in the test, you're going to encounter some sustained views that shed light on the reasons for the downsizing of the website (and you're going to confront them), it means it's time for the rediscover.

The skirts detect not only problems but also dominance of your product. This can also be used as a basis for the redistribution. In some cases, negative treatment of the brand may be a good reason for a relapse. But you'll never know about all this unless you talk to your buyers.

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