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In their intransigent struggle for the quality of search, Google and Yandex, that's how the ranking algorithms change. The content, which is analysed in a variety of parameters, has now become a priority for assessing the quality of resources.

One of the most important elements of the quality of texts is their uniqueness. Experiments and surveillance of the ranking of the advanced pages (to order the advance of the Sevastopol site) on search requests indicate that, when not unique content is detected, or if the percentage of uniqueness is low, there is a sharp submersion of the search.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Internet is very common, so to speak, the borrowing of someone else's content, the copycat. The kidnappers of the content don't even bother with the ribs, but they're making some interesting articles. That's how much damage is sustained. to promote websites- rights holders.

There have been instances where, after the publication of the new articles, the site has been rapidly searched. And after some time, he suddenly went to the back pages, no obvious reason. The analysis showed that new, unique texts had been reprinted for other resources during that time. As a result, searchers began to see content as not unique.

There's a shortage of search algorithms. But websites don't make it easier. Every effort must be made to prevent the theft of content. Otherwise, it would have to be the case to rewrite all the texts on the website to get back to the TPR.

It will be good to find and put on the site special programmes protecting against copying. They can work differently. Some programmes do not allow for the text. Others just block their own copying. Three, when copying, they throw a pop banner with a warning text. There are those that are hidden in the copy of the copy of the reversal to the home page.

Of course, with a strong desire, the text can be reprinted manually. In addition, there are programmes for violators. Thus, all these measures do not provide an absolute guarantee against the theft of content.

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