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With every year, I'm increasingly looking at articles and discussions about what the fairest thing to pay for is the senary? For his work (spent hours), for his experience, for leather or for sale? For most entrepreneurs, the answer is obviously for sale. It's the sales that business needs. Pay, allow, interest on sale, the entrepreneur does not overpaid for SEO, protects itself as much as possible from " violators " and is not ready to work for the result. In theory, of course, everything is fine - the entrepreneur receives a large number of sales, and the performer has practically unlimited amounts of earning from the client, has brought a lot of buyers. However, theory is theory, and practice is practice. In today's article, I will touch the questions why not everything is as smooth as it looks. Of course, I will share my great experience with SEO specialists and develop their pay systems for them. Similar records: Searching of the site (SEO) with the eyes of the director of the Internet store Internet promotion- store: main sources of traffic
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