Раскрутка и продвижение сайтов

Habarovsk Site Promotion

As soon as we get to the studio to set up a site in Habarovska, we're trying to figure out what purpose the site is to develop, what tasks it will accomplish.

This information will be the starting point for the developers and will enable them to accurately identify the appropriate approach to the site, guaranteeing the quality of the output.

All right, let's look at the policy questions and sequence of the state-of-the-art phases.

What are the targets for the website?

Based on our own experience, we have two main objectives:

  • Non-profit;
  • Commercial

These are the objectives and the type of future site. For example, in order to deal with business tasks (the company application, the personal contact of a potential client, etc.), our studio is developing:

Landing page, landing pages

The main task of Lening is to present one or more thematically similar goods and services. The fascinating title of the page is the allusium to land (from angle. landing - landing, landing) because it usually comes from contextual advertisingthat's landing. The perceived simplicity in the development has brought a lot of Landings on the Internet, but it's not like being smart about Landing Page. There are many universal formulas on the Internet for a successful landing page.

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