Оптимизация сайтов

Quality Optimization Of The Site

Оптимизация сайтаOptimization (Angl) optimization() This is a set of measures to change the site aimed at achieving certain tasks, such as: raising the site in the Top of Search Systems (for Russia, this is Yandex, Google, ) on certain key requests; increasing search parameters for the site - tiC, PR; improving behavioural factors (through skill development). The qualitative optimization of the web site is ultimately aimed at increasing search traffic, the number of visitors on the search site.

Internal site optimization

What is being checked with the site ' s soe optimization for search systems?

  1. The site ' s technical work: hosting, server response, handling important errors, redefinitions, building pages and making them.
  2. Web content: uniqueness, literacy, readability, duplication, menu.
  3. Organization of site reference. There are many reliance schemes inside the site, both to increase the weight of the pages to be used for search systems and to manage website visitors. Depending on the objectives of the optimization, the site ' s reference structure is considered to be effective.
  4. Work on answer forms, feedback, site search, forums and guest books.
  5. Organization of the news content of the site and new information on the site.
  6. The link from the site.

Also, some other parameters of work that are unique to each of the Internet sites and are dependent mainly on their category and membership of a given thematic niche: news and information, audit sites, Internet stores, auto clubs, official sites, etc.

A standard site optimization tool for search systems is being implemented. In optimizing the Yandex site, special attention is drawn to:

  • Technical work of the site;
  • Content component;
  • Up-to-date, if necessary, for the correct (effective) impact of information from it to the various services and Yandex services.

A standard set of measures is being implemented to optimize the site for search systems. Privacy Optimization of Google site Particular attention is drawn to:

  • Frequency of updates;
  • Reference structure.
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