Продвижение сайта по ключевым

Promotion Of The Search Site

Moving according to has particular features:

  • The method is directed to those users who seek services and goods on key company demand;
  • The attendance rate has been maintained for a long time;
  • A literate choice strategy As requested, there will be no significant cost at the start-up phases and the business will be developed smoothly.


  • First, there is a need to identify the scope of the resource being advanced and to analyse the competitive environment. There is now a large number of websites on the Internet offering one-time goods and services, which speaks of high competition. The purpose of the advanced site is to take the lead and attract as many target audiences as possible. This analysis will help assess your chances.
  • Secondly, the target audience for the services and products of the website should be identified.
  • Thirdly, keywords and expressions are selected on the basis of analyses. Moving along the lines requires a careful approach to the selection of keys, as this depends on the resource attendance.

Methods of progress

may occur by:

  • High-frequency words, up to 10 words;
  • Mid-frequency word - up to 20 words;
  • Low-frequency words are 50 or more words.

On request, it is important to ensure that key words are consistent with the content and content of the site, are popular and competitive.

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