Как раскрутить сайт в Яндексе?

How To Set Up A Website In The Yandex

Как раскрутить молодой сайт в ЯндексеThere are websites for which any competition can be easily advanced in their subject matter. It's just enough to pick up interesting queries and drive into the reference aggregator, like Webeffector. And there's no difference between competition and the frequency of the request, it's the dumbest thing to buy a link. And even if it wasn't the most qualitative references, it would even be the so-called " flash explosion " . It doesn't matter! There are such websites to move that one pleasure...

But there are other types of websites, young sites. And whatever you do with a website like you don't hurt him, SEO promotion You'll be disappointed and you'll spend a lot of nerve on these projects. That's what I'd like to talk about today.

It is in particular true to such Yandex sites that any SEO manipulation must be accurately checked, because several wrong steps and TOP 10 will be left directly proportionate to the investment of effort and money. It's stuck, huh? But that's how it usually works... The references are purchased if the latter are of sufficient quality - Google grows up, even can enter TOP 10, but Yandex doesn't. It's fast enough you're moving over 100 TOPs, positions grow and reach 30... Update's 29, peddith's 89, peddade 57, and again... And as long as you don't build a reference ring, the vicious circle won't break. Know the situation? Keep reading!

Simple utopia

Remember the beginning of this article? You thought there were no such sites? Maybe you've never noticed them before, maybe you've put colored glasses in the Magic of the Emeral City, and you've imagined SEO completely different from what it really is?

Maybe you're an optimist who's successfully promoting many sites, sometimes even in unbelievable competition issues, but sometimes there's an inexperienced project? Well, where without them...

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