вирусный маркетинг

Virus Marketing

- Impact on target audiences, promotion of goods and services through and through the target audience, voluntarily (recognized or unintentionally) involved in marketing information. Advertising communication is so affecting a person that he is " infected " with ideas and knowingly or unconsciously disseminating information about the product, the service and becomes an active advertiser.

The term “” itself means the spread of human beings to a person within the task force, which is the basis of the whole idea of the virus process. Original information, the idea of a ready marketing message (rolic, text) is virally transmitted to each other in the form of chochmas, recommended references, which means that information is associated with entertainment rather than with imposed advertising.

Viral marketing has recently increased markedly: fast Internet channels allow users to easily exchange video clips, photographs and musical files; and facilitate dissemination viral marketing and the growing popularity of all possible online communities and blogs. Almost every third person who received an interesting message sends him to his friend. As is well known, it is necessary to make a person buy a product. People send references that are considered interesting, which are subconsciously affecting their interests and needs. Thus, a literate viral product is raising the problem to be solved by the product.

Benefits of viral marketing:

  1. The spread of viral advertising is economically profitable.
  2. Virus advertisements form consumer attitudes.
  3. Virus advertising is free from censorship and restrictions of the Promotion Act.
  4. Viral advertising life cycle for at least three years.

In addition to the cost of producing video tapes, television advertisements require significant investments. In the case of viral advertising, dissemination of information is free. Even if the customer introduces and distributes viral advertising for outsourcing, the cost of services is tens and sometimes hundreds of times lower than the cost of placing on TV.

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