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Search Optimization And Promotion Of The Site

Search site optimization services are provided by iSEO based on the SEO-infrastructure of iConText.

The searching of the sites allows target users to be attracted from the results of the Yandex search systems, Google, by reaching the top position in ranking on the identified key requests. As a rule, the higher the site ' s position on search results, the more interested visitors move from search systems. The site ' s promotion work involves adapting the site to search systems to increase its visibility.

Integrated client approach

The great advantage of our agency is the ability of the client to provide integrated services in context advertising, optimization and promotion of the site. As contextual advertising has a more operational effect, it is possible to assess the conversion of keywords from the semantic nucleus prior to the launch of the site and to adjust recommendations to optimize and promote the site in the light of the analysts.

We don't work on a single standard. We are doing the tasks of each project in a personal manner, developing our own strategy of promotion and adapting flexibly to the terms of contract.

We offer our clients:

Moving to TOR10.

And that is not all the services we provide to advance the sites.

Our competitive advantage is a transparent financial scheme:

  • calculations on the end of the month.
  • No prepayment.
  • exclusion of security payments.
  • exclusion of complex calculation formulas.

We can operate a desktop system without prepayment, after optimizing the site, it's all up to a specific project. Payment is made through stages based on performance. On the reporting day, we, together with the client, are analysing the results achieved and, on the basis of a joint definition of successes, making calculations.

Individual progress plan for each

There are many SEO market participants offering different prudent financial schemes for the promotion of websites, but it must be remembered that this is just a numerical game, and search systems, tools and principles of promotion are the same for all. The approach is important. For each client, we are developing an individual development plan based on the features of the site: technical platform, information content, age of domain and site, topics, various trust indexes, behavioural factor and other attributes important for search systems.

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