Продвижение интернет

Promotion Of The Internet Store

In addition, well-prepared and useful articles for the target audience, if emplaced by the company, improve images and positioning as professionals in their case.

Comments on blogs

The hidden pier in the form of commentaries to the thematic articles on various blogs and portals, in the form of a discussion or advice/recommendations on a given topic, is also working well, but the result will be visible if regular. It is important that the sites be well profiled before starting work, as time should not be spent on resources that lack sufficient activity.

Rolled catalogues

Different catalogues, both thematic and multi-pronged, in Roinet thousands, and even tens of thousands, but only the real quality will probably be less than 100. That's what time it takes.

The reference in the qualitative catalogue will be limited, but the weight, and so the majority has more and less stable attendance, it may also be possible to obtain the passage of interested visitors to the site.

Urban portals

Almost every major city site has a special section with a catalogue of enterprises to which the company ' s address can be added, with other contact data. The addition of expanded data is, in most cases, a fee-paying option, but even basic capabilities should be sufficient to obtain bonuses in the field of cracking.

Thematic forums

Forums that bring together the target audience of your website or Internet- magazine, can be permanent.

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