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Optimization Of The Yandex Website

Продвижение сайтовPromoting and building a site from 10,000 rubles. The Site Creative Studio will unlock your website in Yandex and Google. Regardless of the size of the site, progress is made as soon as possible.

Our company has been offering its services in the market for years. Over the years of work, we have gathered a great team of professionals who know their business, creativity in the implementation of each project, which allows us to continuously develop and improve the quality of each project.

Why do you need to streamline the site?

The head of any company wants his business to develop, profit and reward clients. In today ' s world, the Internet has not been used, as most domestic transactions are now online. That is why most companies seek to sell their product not only directly to the client, but also through company or Internet stores.

Not every established site will bring decent profits. It is important that not only visitors but also potential customers interested in the product. You can attract them in a few ways. The most effective of them are ads on other sites and SEO optimization. It's important to set up a search site in the top-10 so that a potential client can see your site on his first line of interest. Such a client is already willing to buy the goods, but only to choose the company.

SEO progression

To get your site into a search top, it's not enough to create it, to put beautiful pictures and text on his pages. It is essential that the site be well optimized and useful to people. We are therefore working in several stages.

SAG 1. Competitive analysis.

We are studying the competitors, looking at the structure of their websites, what key requests they are making, what pages and what articles they use.

SAG 2. Keyword analysis.

Next, we produce keywords on which the site will move, a detailed sematic core that should be optimum in its resolution. Once the key words are drawn up, we write articles and texts on the site. They may be different.

SAG 3. Testing the content.

We're checking the content of the site on uniqueness, because if there's no unique texts on it, it will lead to a far-reaching pessimization and blocking its search systems.

SHA 4. Precise content and keywords.

All the unique content we have on the website, the rest of the articles are being carefully redesigned until they begin to fit all parameters. At this and the next stage, we are optimizing the site code for its further work.

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