Поисковое продвижение сайтов

Site Search

Поисковое продвижение сайтов

Destination and optimization of sites

The search and optimization of the websites with Redsolution is a separate approach to each project, good work and a timely positive outcome. In the delivery of services, we are making our sites better, strictly following the recommendations of the Yandex and Google search systems.

Our work includes both internal and external optimization of the site and continuous monitoring and analysis of statistics. Internal optimization by our specialists in searching for progress affects not only the content of the site, but necessarily its structure and technical condition. External optimization includes work to control the competitive environment and foreign reference mass flow, work with catalogues, handbooks, maps, etc.

Search optimization - prices and timing

The search optimization of Redsolution sites is based on package proposals. Services are prepaid a month ahead under the Treaty for services.

Minimum search period for site optimization - 3 months
Minimum recommended optimization time - 6 months

For Chelabinsk and the field, the following sentence applies:

30 key requests for 10,000 roubles per month.
The work involves high-frequency requests (the most popular Internet users).

For other cities in Russia, the prices of searching for the site and the time frame for service delivery are specified by our managers!

Web site search results

The first visible search results can be seen in 1, 5 or 2 months of operation on the site.

To the visible results of the work, we have seen an increase in the site ' s position on key search demand, an increase in site attendance from search systems.

Every month, the client is provided with a performance report that includes statistics on changing the site ' s position in search systems upon request, and statistics on the evolution of the site search traffic during the reporting period.

In addition, on request, the client is given access to his online website statistics. For example, at any convenient time, he can learn how his website evolves.

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