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Effective Site Development And Promotion

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To speak exclusively about the care of users.
Alexei Vostrov.

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Good day, dear visitor. This page describes why the effective posting of the site is important for the overall progress of the resource.

Under the word “efficient” I mean, not the desire to increase the TPI or the PR site, but the use of users who use social mortgages. And there's a lot of people like this and it's getting bigger every day. Therefore, in advancing its site, the services should be given the highest priority and the social deposits should be added to the website to achieve a better impact on the development of their resources.

In addition, by adding new pages of your website to the social mortgages, you will significantly reduce their indexing times to search systems.

If you already know how to make the site effectively through the mortgages, and you're interested in the process itself, you'll find a service for posting references in the mortgage.

Now elaborate on the substance of this method Web sites

What are social mortgages and how they work?

We are all using the " Laundry " menu in our browsers, which allows us to retain links to the pages we need on the Internet and to move them quickly at any time. The only and main disadvantage of this menu is that the mortgages are on the computer that was stored. I'll give you an example.

Let's say that at one night, on a home computer, you were making a search request. Web site effective♪ Saved the resources in the browser's mortgages that you've been looking at to study them further. The next day, you had your free time at work, and you wanted to read more carefully the websites you found the previous day. But! The references are still at home and you have to torture. ♪ ♪

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