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The Yandex register is free and paid. If your site is commercial, the best solution will be to add it on a fee-based basis. Current prices for this service can be seen in the relevant section on the search system site. Undeniable plus to the Yandex catalogue With regard to the free, the site will be available as soon as possible, namely, immediately after the application and payment has been verified. That means you'll start helping move your website faster.

What does Yandex Catalogue give?

  • Pay registration at Cataloga Yandex helps attract targeted buyers to the site. The higher the TIC of your website, the higher you're on the catalogue, and the more visitors get out of here.
  • The credibility of the search system for your site is enhanced, as the application for Addition of the Yandex Catalogue site They checked his staff. The presence of Yandex in Catalogue is often one of the important criteria for estimating the webmasters ' site and a part of visitors.
  • The Site receives a very good reference for other search systems. The Yandex is a very authoritative resource for them.
  • The credibility of the site ' s visitors is enhanced, especially those who crossed the link directly from the catalogue.
  • Your website is viewed as unique, as non-universal sites do not pass the stage of the rendezvous.
  • Most of the TOP-10 websites have already registered the Yandex Cataloga site on a fee-paying basis on competitive demand.

Plenipotentiary addition of the Yandex Cataloge site

ServiceRegistration in the Yandex catalogue" We are doing as part of the search optimization of the site free of charge to all our clients. The client will only be required to pay the bill for payment. All work on the application and follow-up support we take.

Our professionals always offer their clients a favor if their website is on the move of our company.

Appendices in Yandex Catalogue:

  1. In the first stage, we're making an application for a feeable addition to the Yandex Catalogue site and agreeing with the client. At the same stage, we are choosing the most accurate description and heading for the site, using the key words we are advancing. This stage should be considered sufficiently carefully, as the application is rejected in a bad or manifestly publicized context due to non-compliance with the processing rules.
  1. Then. A customer can pay for the addition of a site to the Catalogue of Yandex in a way that is convenient to him: Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard credit card, Yandex. Moneygami, transfer to the Yandex account, Qiwi Cochlink or Webmoney.
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