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googleprThe Google websites are very demanding for Runet users. It's justified that our compatriots are used to trust the Google search system as one of the most fast and trustworthy. In order to increase the chances of a site on a larger visit, it would be good to understand how and what influences Google ' s search optimization.

Hoogle optimization features.

Frequently, website owners are not aware why their website, well-trained and well-managed, is not a Google search engine, although it is easily defined in other searches. Or how to be well placed Google contextto make it profit and not hinder the progress of the site.

In order to answer these questions, it is necessary to consider what is different from that of other searchers:

♪ The main difference is that the Google break does not provide for a large number of key words, the searcher considers them spam and can throw the site away at all. For Google, therefore, the number of key words in the text should not be obsessive.

♪ Moving the Google site depends on the weight of references. They have a major influence on the Google site. Their weight can be increased by overlinking the internal content or by reference to other sites.

• Ontex advertising in Google is controlled by a searcher. She shouldn't be on the website much, she shouldn't be looking at visitors. For violating these rules, the site may be blocked.

♪ For Google, the value of pages is not a certain dominance. Therefore, in the TOP, this search engine is occupied by young sites with well-designed pages.

♪ The search always takes into account the content of the texts on the website. So, for the Google site to be set up, it's very important to keep it up. It is believed that if the content on the site is exciting and interesting, it will necessarily help the site to reach the top positions.

As can be seen from the description, Google ' s search optimization for a particular site is a rather complex process that requires a responsible attitude towards the site and does not allow "Blackoptimization.

Also, the posting of the Google site does not allow for the substitution of pages with advertisements and masked information. For such Google sites, the Google algorithm works to identify bad sites and ban them. Of course, tracking a large number of sites is unrealistic, so Google throws out of an index of sites with often changing content. The same system monitors the number of keyword and page changes.

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