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Search or SEO-Promotion of the site - This is a set of activities that enables web resources to be at the forefront of searching for certain user requests. Today, this is a very demanding service, competition is high, and the successes of the companies that offer it depend, including on the price of diving.

How is the cost of building the site

When you go to the most expensive agency, you get a high level of service, but is it important for your business?

Separate agencies for regional, federal and incomplete (so-called Frilans Groups). The competences of these groups depend on:

  • - Interns;
  • - Work models;
  • - motivation and other factors.

We're suggesting results. Our site is a search leader on a lot of requests. This is how our team is a long-established professional company. The results say a lot of words, but... We understand that there are a lot of offers on the market that you're reading or going to read soon.

Call attention to Frilancer's friends who ask for a small price for services is not effective. This may be a literate specialist who has portfoliofolio and recommendations, but there is no level of technical equipment for the quick and effective implementation of your project.

Let's see the other front. You found a big company, you came to the office to talk to the sales manager, and you were consulted by a few more representatives from this company, or they came to you. You see on this company ' s website a lot of beautiful pictures and presentations, pictures of staircases, polygraphs, offices, secretaries, smiling directors, awards of all "unstoppable" ratings and publications. The question is, why feed 150 people of captives if you just need a quality SEO. Effective progress is made without this, and his example is right in front of you if you read this publication.

And in the dock, the agency that sent you an offer to your post office. Can it achieve results for your website? Maybe, but we don't know that. It is well known that this company is used to attract customers with side marketing. These funds are only supplemented, but they do not compensate for the most profitable and stable instrument - searching. Consequently, there is no significant argument in favour of a company that only writes about its cool search engine, but does not apply it itself.

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