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How Much Is The Context Advertising In The Google

Context advertising is a type of Internet-based reclama with dignity such as the ability to targe a certain audience, the principle of click fees and a relatively small start-up budget.
The minimum budget for context advertising is much smaller than in other advertising. The advertiser may launch a campaign, with literally 300 roubles on the account (Minimum budget at Yandex.Directe). But the context can also be effective in large budgets. This enables the advertiser to decide on his own what budget contextual advertising It is optimistic for him, and it is based on this to set the price per click and to limit the number of clicks received.
The principle of payment for results in context advertising is also very attractive to advertisers. The development of context advertisements and the attempt to make the payment scheme even more attractive to customers led to new payment schemes that could result in the processing of the order through the site, the completion of online enquiries by the customer, the call to the advertising office, etc.
Therefore, it is now proposed that not only contextual advertising be paid for clicks, but also contextual advertising with customer fees, etc.
The extent to which contextual advertising costs depends on several factors.
- Choice of accommodation (most expensive - Finance, Reality, Tourism, Construction and Repair);
- Keyword selection (context or non-context, low-frequency or high-frequency);
- Choice of declaration display (special, 1, guaranteed or dynamic display);
- time of announcement (work or weekend, day or night);
- Geotargeting designs (most topics are contextual advertising with regional targeting less expensive than ads with staggering in Moscow or St Petersburg);
CTR announcements (high or low).
Depending on the category of keywords selected, the average price of the context advertising (the price of the click in the context advertising) will vary:
- 60 cop.-1r50 cop is a non-context trawl (conditional term - pump, music, entertainment, etc.);
1 - 20 roubles. - Thematic traffic (low frequency and average frequency queries);
- 30 to 300 rubs.

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