Контекстная реклама Киев

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Context advertising, or what they call it, the search context of advertising looks like an area in the search system with an announcement block. This advertisement allows target visitors to your website as soon as possible from the search systems and areas of the partners and ensures maximum impact.

What does the context advertising look like?

Как выглядит контекстная реклама

Working principle of context advertising:

When the user enters the search for a specific request, the designated block displays the most targeted advertisements, when the user turns to the advertising site. The advertiser, in turn, participates in the auction to show his announcement as one of your first key requests, the higher the rate for one click, the greater the likelihood that your announcement will take the lead.

The announcement is free, the payment goes for the click after the transition.

Details of Google AdWords context advertising

What's the contextual ad in Google AdWords, You've already seen the picture above, and now we'll see what places exist for advertising:

  • Upstairs, search results.
  • A block that's on the right of the search.

Simultaneously, only three advertisers are available on the search, and not more than nine on the right.

The placement of an advertising block over search results is considered to be the most effective and ensures the maximum number of crossings and conversions, but the level of competition here is the highest, respectively, the higher price of auction for the promotion block. The advertisement is less effective to the right of prospecting, the number of crossings and conversion from it is less than, respectively, the cost of placing it down, which is an excellent way to show your Google search page coverage, which is much cheaper than the location of the search.

Details of the contextual Yandex commercial. Derek.

Main objective contextual Yandex♪ The director is a rapid increase in sales and the shortest possible use of new clients via the Internet.

Contex ad. The directorate is an effective sales tool, as Yandex services use more than 3,700,000 people daily from Ukraine, and it is the users who are already on the Internet looking for information on the goods or services - your potential clients.

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