оптимизация интернета

Internet Optimization

Иллюстрация многочисленных применений Интернета Вещей.You go to work, the garage door closes and sends a message to your office about starting coffee. In the course of the day, the tidal system of your precinct receives weather forecasts that rains and cancels its afternoon work. It's not a futuristic telescope, it's the reality of the Internet of the Wing, which, with the development of the next generation of wireless communication technologies, 5G, will enter every house.Геометрия модели PIFA в среде COMSOLMultiphysics. But first, we have to work on optimizing the design of existing mobile antennas.

Next Generation of Mobile Technology: Vegetable and 5G Internet

Many of the technically chained consumers have already used a partial degree of automation in the management of their dwellings, using mobile applications for this purpose, such as the launching of dishwashers or the regulation of the temperature of the house. The relatively new concept, (IoT), also referred to as " Industrial Internet " or even " Intranet Just on the Light " , brings these simple automation tasks to a qualitatively new level, allowing objects to exchange data with the devices connected.

Ultimately, IoT is expected to develop from simple automation of residential and commercial buildings to more intellectually advanced applications. On the ideal Internet, mobile devices will be able to accumulate and process data on the places you most visited and your known preferences, and communicate with smart devices, with no interference on your part.

The range of different future Internet applications includes:

Mediah They slowed the ad board on the motorway or watched the TV ads, your devices record the interest in the advertised product, and you'll be automatically informed about it. Transport Your car can not only park on its own, but also choose the route and travel on its own. Like similar improvements for trains and aircraft, there are only a few examples of what IoT can do as technology develops.
Изображение распределения электрического поляPIFA. График, показывающий S-параметры PIFA.
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