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How do we start moving the website with the lowest investment?

Movement is life.

Start moving your website today, because maybe tomorrow's your website will start to promote your competitor. And as we move the website with minimal investment, we'll try to tell you.

Do you have a website? - Tell me about it.

To begin with, you should check on your ftp server whether there are any closed pages: there's nothing in the R.T. file after the words "Disallow:." The site is now open to search systems. The next important step is to add your site to the search systems of Runet.

In Yandex, you can do it here in Google. Robot Rambler's arrival can be forgiven by setting up a TOP 100 counter. The site could also be speeded up with external links to your web resources (e.g. blogs). Don't let go of Google and Yandex cards. Address.

In order to manage the homepage of the web resources, put the website map on it: it will help searchers to index all the resource pages. The quality of the site greatly facilitates its processing by search systems and influences the results of prospecting. The professionalism of your website is here.

You're the optimist.

For Web optimization A list of key words (semitic nucleus) on which you would like to advance your site should be prepared for search requests. It'll help the Yandex popularity statistics. High-frequency (popular) and low-frequency (less popular) queries can always be identified in search statistics.

For example, in the interlayer design services segment, statistics on key requests in the St. Petersburg region for March 2009 are as follows:

High frequency requests
interior design
25 921
Low frequency requests
apartment interior designs847
design of interior design762
office interior design640
design of shop interface522
design of the kitchen interior455
room interior design398

From the above-mentioned statistics, it can be concluded that progress on a high-frequency request such as "diseine Interière" will be more costly than for all the sub-frequents in the table.

The promotion of the low-frequency site is not only cost-effective, but also strategic, as it reaches a larger target audience, and sometimes it's not the only way to try a competitive niche.

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