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Contextual Internet relay is an ad for search or thematic sites that depends on the preferences of each customer.

The advantages of contextual Internet advertising:
  • Target audience Visitors who have come to your site on contextual request are interested in acquiring goods or obtaining information on your commercial proposal;
  • The precise geographical targeting is an advertisement for customers only in those regions that the advertiser considers to be the market;
  • The ability to cover low frequency requests, where it is not appropriate to search for site optimization (the site in search systems);
  • High speed An advertisement campaign for any product group may be launched and completed in almost instantaneously, and the content and key messages for advertising can be adjusted already in the campaign process. Context advertising is an excellent tool for seasonal and ad hoc shares and domestic campaigns for individual product groups.

The Internet relay provides an advertiser with an opportunity that is unable to provide Odin with another promotional channel. Do you want to know exactly how much each buyer's worth in context advertising? It's possible.

What is necessary for an effective contextual advertising campaign?
  • Statistical system provided by our Internet agency;
  • One call channel;
  • Monthly accounts of the sales division or similar line.
How will this work?
  1. Thanks to our statistical system, you will be able to know exactly how many visitors to each of the contextual announcements have filled up and sent an application (or questionnaire) for the order;
  2. When receiving calls, the call centre should ask buyers how the buyer found out about the firm.

The summation of the two channels gives a total number of potential buyers coming from the site. Accordingly, by adding the amount received for advertising, the value of 1 potential buyer is obtained.

In addition, given the precise information on the amounts spent on each announcement, the value of one completed questionnaire can be accurately determined, and the interest of converting completed questionnaires to final buyers can be obtained from the sales division.

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