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SEO promotion
Looking systems like Yandex, Google or Rambler are familiar to everyone. They can easily identify any necessary data. The searchers issue site lists on the basis of the request, with some sites being identified as the first, while others can be found only by looking at several search pages. Searching the site (SEO - search engine optimization) is precisely how the site is located in the TOP.
Search optimization (SEO) is a set of measures aimed at improving the location of the site on the search pages. Often, the higher the location, the more users enter the site. The site ' s spread is a powerful marketing tool that increases the profits of companies and ensures good marketing of their products. The number of Internet users has increased significantly every year and the number of websites, Internet stores and portals has increased accordingly.
The search systems primarily determine the extent to which the site conforms to the multiplicity of criteria requested. The main ones are:
- Semantic content analysis, which analyses the frequency of keywords by which the so-called search spam is filtered;
- The quotation index of the site, which directly depends on the number and credibility of web resources that contain links to the site. This takes into account the extent to which all these resources coincide with the subject-mattered site.
The number of these criteria increases every year through the continuous development of technologies. Nowadays, mega-tags, frimes and other cracking techniques are no longer used, as vice versa down the website rating. SEO ' s promotion of the site now relies on the uniqueness of content, the placement of articles, the maintenance of blogs, social media, presentations and the exchange of links.
Methods of progress can be divided into three categories:
- White optimization does not affect search algorithms using only regulated search engines. This is often ensured by the quality of content and navigation, external reviews and articles;
- The gray optimization is characterized by an increase in key words on the page. It is unlike that there are no formal prohibitions on its use, but the application of such a method may result in the blocking of the site by search systems if professionals consider it illegal;
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