Продвижение и раскрутка сайта

Promotion And Development Of Website

- This is a set of measures to ensure the attendance of target visitors. Targeted customers are potential consumers who are interested in the acquisition of goods or services provided on the advanced site.

The search optimization (SEO), which is a set of measures to upgrade the site ' s position in search systems, is an essential step forward, thus increasing its targeted attendance.

The site ' s position on the search engine is influenced by many factors that are divided into external and internal.

Internal factors are defined by the website itself (the content, structure, title, number and density of key words, etc. In general, the degree of optimization of the site under a search request.

Main internal factors:

Name of domain. Search systems take into account the existence of key words in the name of the domino in the form of translite, English, or Russian in Russian domens. The regional identity of the dominance is also taken into account. Page title♪ There should be key words. It is desirable that they be in the same form as the user ' s request in the search system (e.g. if the user makes a request for a " big elephant " , the page with the heading containing the phrase " big elephant " under all other equal conditions would be higher than the " big elephants " page. It's better that this phrase is at the beginning of the headline. It is recommended that the contents of the title be not more than 60 characters. The text on the page (content), the key words that the user recruits in the search system to find the information you have provided. Keywords in the page, the ratio of key words to the total number of words. Keywords to h1, h2..., b, strong, etc. Closeness of key words to page Number of pages Total number of links to the website. HTMLTitle, description and keywords in the code. alt, the picture must contain keywords to find the picture. References should be implemented by the current. If the reference is made by JavaScript, this reference is not taken into account by the search system. If you want it to be taken into account, it needs to be produced by a regular HTML reference.
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