Николай Леман, оптимизатор

Web Optimist

оптимизатор сайтовPromotion in searching for extradition has long attracted the attention of business people.

More frequent requests have been made on the Internet of this type: " Where to find the site " or " Search for a private SEO specialist " .

Your websites don't work well, there's a lot of money spent on advertising. And you're screaming for a SEO optimizer in different companies offering services, or even a package, a sorting.

The choice is so complicated to understand who is and what the price of the question is. "Come on, at any cost, but result! - It's a normal wish for a man who's engaged in a serious business who wants to take the first place in searching for extradition to get the first real client.

First signal! If you're promised an instant search, you'll be able to get out of this contact. The optimization of the 100 per cent results site, as well as in a short period, cannot be physical, for many reasons. This is a multi-phase process. And not a top 10 with a couple sentences.

The client is ordering the phrase, site on top 10but no results. There are no visits and work has been done and paid. We need a proper analysis, and it should be able to make an experienced SEO specialist.

Look for an informed person who's already been successful in your field, you don't pay for experiments. You can find a private site optimist, but what's the impact of his work, another question. And how do you not end up with a fraud that reproduces you? Or on the line of intermediaries who will receive smart reps before the end of the contract. Mediation company in Moscow and private promotion specialist in Petersburg or Berlin.

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