Создание и продвижение сайтов

Establishment And Promotion Of Moscow Sites

Site is the most important part of the company's full electronic progress. It should be developed only after a marketing strategy was established on the Internet.

The frequent error in setting up the site is a unilateral approach. For example, the site ' s development focuses on technical issues or focuses on technical issues. Web promotion- resources online. The right approach involves a harmonious combination of all aspects. Then you'll find out how we're working, Web Forum.


The primary answer to the question is what is the site for? Over 85 per cent of the cases, the website is designed to attract clients and earn money. Such an instrument requires an appropriate approach.

For starters, we segment the target audience to understand who the site is for. To that end, we are briefing the contracting authority, which includes a number of questions:

  • Who are your target consumers (age, social status, sex, region and other)?
  • What kind of help does your merchandise/service provide to each segment of CA?
  • What comments do customers have in buying this product?
  • What's your product better than competitive?
  • What unique opportunities does a client get if he cooperates with you?

It's not all the questions we ask companies. In each individual situation, we shall select additional paragraphs to this list to clearly define the positioning and trade proposal of the customer. This provides an opportunity to understand the specificity of content, the structure of the site and to predict the user ' s behaviour on the website.

In addition, we are analysing the competitive environment to determine:

  • Competitive positioning;
  • Internet market strategies;
  • Effective methods of attracting and retaining clients;
  • The promotion budget.

A thorough study of competitiveness helps to establish key performance indicators for web resources under specific target segments that will be translated into web analytical systems in the future.

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