оптимизация и продвижение

Optimization And Promotion Of Sites In Search Systems

This is a process aimed at improving the attendance of potential clients through search systems.

Options for moving your website.

It is perfectly legal that a variety of challenges can be addressed in the search process. Depending on the goal set and the planned results in our agency, the site is being promoted in three main areas:

Search optimization is two types


  • The searchers are working on the algorithms already worked, so any specialist responsible for Upgrading the yandex site or google, for example, has to monitor the slightest changes in the designated algorithms.
  • The purpose of searching is to ensure that every Internet user has access to the information he needs, and the information should be as appropriate to the request. To this end, search systems analyse the content of websites to match user requests.
  • The purpose of the SEO catalyser is to create a semantic nucleus of the site and to place the keywords on its pages in a sound manner. The optimizer shall, however, determine the necessary number of key words on the page and their optimal location.
  • It is also not important to work on the convenience of the visitors ' site - we are increasing the conversion, convenience of the site, which is also mandatory for promotion.


  • The number of external links to the site is one of the important parameters influencing the issue of the site.
  • There are many different ways to obtain external references. Okay, all these ways are divided into paid and free.
  • When selecting a method, it should be borne in mind that free costs also require certain costs and, above all, temporary costs.
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