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Promotion Of Websites

Yulia Maxin

At the Brunoyum Training Centre, I was happy to hear two courses on the creation and promotion of sites (1st step) and the creation of a successful Internet project (2 steps). During my training, I was able to hear almost all the teachers in these courses, because they were replaced and I took a break and went on with another group. The knowledge was enough to create your own work site. The situation in class is friendly and intense.

Nikita Kovalenko

It's a really good bababa course in Brunos, even for those who already do it... I've been doing bab as a scientist since 2007, studying myself, books, forums of the tidal... T.K. had the knowledge of html and the sss came to the course of a successful Internet project, a course of great interest, and I was surprised that we had received so much information, and most importantly the most recent trend of development... Adaptive design, bootsrap, less, and a lot of everything... After that course, I thought I'd go to the first step, and I realized that there's probably a lot of things that I'd know too... Course Development and promotion of sites, very good as html and cs, and all that has to do with bab... In general, the course was very much appreciated, everything was very detailed, learned a lot of interesting things that would never have known, thank you, Yuri and Ruslan, young people, very good teachers, good program, and most importantly, the most recent and relevant. ♪ ♪

Thanks to Brunoyum's company for accessing and learning. I never thought I'd be able to figure out all the depths of the website. Special thanks to Ruslan for his ability to deliver the material to every learner.

Anton Reznik

Thank you very much for the center of Brunos and for Ruslan Begalyev himself. The course was very good. The material is in a language that is understandable) A comfortable learning environment. All the classes started in time. At the end of the course, Ruslan was asked for help and always received it. Totally positive)

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