Значение seo оптимизации

Search Network

Searching sites is one of Studia Borno's priorities. In seven years of work, we have helped to improve the visibility of search systems over 300 sites, many of which are working with us today.

The bases for ranking popular search systems are much similar, so by moving the site into one search system, it will grow in the right approach.

We are promoting sites in search systems that have important shares in the entire region.

In Belarus, Yandex and Google are equally popular, so optimization takes into account both searchers.

Russian Federationespecially in Moscow, the search system of the Yandex (~65 per cent) has a larger share, so priority is given to the promotion of Yandex.

Alas, there's no single cost of progress, and if you're told that the move will cost $200 without even running the site, it should at least raise doubts.

  • First, website owners have different goals and ambitions. Someone's got to get ahead of the competitor, and it's important for someone to get out of the search.
  • Secondly, all sites are different: with different history, with the positions already reached, with possible pessimization by search systems.
  • Third, region of progress: moving to Moscow will require more resources than Belarus.
  • Last point: Cost projections and volume of work are influenced by: what sections of the site will be covered and what number of key phrases.

The minimum cost of moving our company is 3 million Belarusian roubles per month

Destination of the site It is a process that requires time, often linked to the characteristics of the search systems themselves. The whole site cycle takes an average of 3 to 4 months, but the first results are available within a month.

The timing of the promotion is also affected by the timeliness of the customer ' s feedback, namely, the provision of additional information, the harmonization of texts and the necessary improvements.

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