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How To Unlock The Site From Scratch

Hello, blog readers. Light from zero

This article explains the basis for the dissemination of websites, their distribution and the promotion of attendance.

Let's say your website is set up, well-designed, filled, and no visitors. What is it? Why don't search systems put your website on the front page?

The answer to these and other questions is here.

The site ' s publicity involves its promotion, the promotion of Internet users, which will be numerically reflected in the high level of attendance, the quotation of the site and, as a consequence, the issuance of a searchable website.

The first thing to remember is that the design, establishment and maintenance of the site should be carried out with an eye to search systems. The most used systems are the world leader Google and his Russian-speaking competitor Yandex. It is their website and content requirements (the contents) that must be taken into account by you. I mean, first you're studying search systems for the site, and then you're building yours. Why? 'Cause it's easier to do the right thing right now, not to change later.

Where do we start publicizing the site?

The first thing you can do is internal optimization of the site. It understands the content of the site according to generally accepted standards, which is unique, simple processing, lack of harmful code and much other.

Optimised website:

  • The unique content - uniqueness is checked very easily through special programmes, copying the text from other resources is extremely undesirable;
  • Articles should have a clear structure - Title, Description (description), h1-h6 (headings), lists;
  • Intuitively understandable website structure - easy to find an interesting article that understands the navigation menu, the visitors ' site map and search robots;

The site ' s popularization pays particular attention to the key words, words and words that Internet users most often use as searches. They are divided into high-frequency, medium-frequency and low-frequency. More detailed Keyword selection and write a semantic nucleus.

So the site is created and filled with content. It should now be registered in search systems.

After registering and indexing your website, any Internet user can find it through these search systems.

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