что SEO- продвижение – это

Seo Promotion Is

  • High position of the Yandex site, Google et al.
  • Increased knowledge of the resource;
  • Improved website attendance;
  • The number of clients has increased.

What is SEO?

SEO (Angl. Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of actions that improve the resource, increase its value in the eyes of users and search systems, set up a site in the TSS and thus increase its attendance.

The company ' s knowledge and sales of its products can be increased through offline relays, but it produces a delayed impact that is difficult to assess and its value is large. SEO-promotion is high results at relatively small costs.

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How did the SEO optimization story begin?

The period of emergence and development of search engines - 1990s. Then there's a story and a website movement. Initially, search engines attached great importance to the internal factors of the resource (pages, metadata, etc.), which could directly affect its owners. This has led to many and often inappropriate influences. The outcome is an inaccurate extradition. Later, Google's searcher was able to roll a scale of weights towards external factors, and brackets, blade and reference weight became more important. Technology and ranking principles have evolved over time, and many factors influence the web site today.

What's the impact on the site?

At present, the definition of a search system of positions in extradition is influenced by many factors rather than one, not two. All of them could be grouped into the following general groups.

Static factors. This is all related to a specific page: its age, technical parameters (code), content, behavioural indicators, etc.

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