Promotion Seo

Hello. I want to propose an integrated approach to your website. Work plan:
(1) Implementation of the SEO-Audit website: site analysis; commercial audit; development: semantic nucleus (more than 200 queries), list of internal optimization recommendations, translink assignments, recommendations to improve behavioural and commercial factors.
(2) Increase in the non-purchasing eternal reference mass by posting on social media: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Connect.
(3) Promotion of the site by articlesthe purchase of good eternal and leased references to your stock.
(4) Reporting for each of the work blocks.
Approximately 80 per cent of sales do not offer high-competitive requests, but rather high-conversion slates.
Therefore, progress on PM and PM needs to be started, and requests for PM can be added later.
PH and PH: 1,350 roubles Target date: 30 days.

The reference budget will be able to calculate later, since optimizing and promoting the NF and PM site reduces the cost and timing of the HF withdrawal.
Perfect timing: 3-4 months. The first results will be available after 1-1, 5 months of work.

♪ I can pay for Qiwi, WM, NAD and Nanalysis on the IP account;
♪ I'm moving without black methods. The lion ' s share of all efforts is in the process of internal optimization;
♪ I'm ready to do a key optimization with my copyrights, editor and content manager/programmer;
♪ Portfolio: https://www. /users/4ekist_rv/
♪ Feedback:
https://www. /users/4ekist_rv/opinions/?sort=1period=0#op_head
- For recommendations:

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